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Very well organized, easy to communicate, finished on time. He is an excellent guy to work with.
I highly recommend him

Sahil Sharma

The work progress was satisfactory in quality as well as time schedule wise also . And they have sound professional capacity in execution of work. It is always a pleasure to be able to endorse or recommend a firm that provides a solid performance, consistent communication as well as being a joy to work with. In the case of Furniture Palace, all three apply. 

Ajay Shukla

Furniture Palace does a fantastic job. They are articulate, passionate and committed to providing the best product available at a competitive price.

Vipen Mishra

From the beginning of our relationship with Furniture Palace, their employees, from senior management to “the guys in the field,” have performed with timeliness and quality. Even in the proposal process, when we asked for dates, times, numbers, photos, and all the rest, they were provided on schedule and were of tip-top quality. Our project with them has called for some intense budget scrutiny, and Furniture Palace has been our partner in that effort. 

Ram Kumar

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